May 26, 2001

MRAHHSHAHHAHAHAH..NEEHEHEEHEHEHEH...asghrgsGHUBV!!B SNORT snort snort AHHASHDHASH *throws head back in maniacal laughter*....NEEHEHEHEHE *convulses on the floor for a while*...HHASffhhhfstppotopptootttttttoootototototooootoootoot

...sorry 'bout that, did I scare ya? THAT WAS THE IDEA! Neehee! The picture isn't actually that funny, I mean, Thom is just so...thom lookin (thom, adj. - especially cute, as to only appeal to a small percentage of the world's population), but the hat looks funny and seeing him in a hat like that just made me laugh so very very much. It filled my belly region with JOY! My BELLY REGION! My SQUIGGLY-SPOOCH! So very full of joy..and goo...mission goo...

Here's another...

MIFF MIFF MOOKIE DOO! It's...the hat...*twinklee eerie music plays*, lets hold hands, look into each other eyes, and let out a big AWWW!

(If you're curious, this is the site with this crazy girl who apparently goes to many


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