May 26, 2001


Today was Humanities Day. What that means, I DON'T knooow! Perhaps to show the school's appreciation for the arts...HAH...riiight. So I don't know why I went to school, the only real classes I had were French and math, and whatever we did in math I didn't understand at all, so yet ANOTHER period wasted. First period we watched this strange movie in the auditorium about being a teenager and all that stuff I've heard a million times. The movie wasn't so bad, it was just a little weird. It was on these three GINORMOUS screens, like they went from the ground to the top of the was full of music videos and scrolling the lyrics (which I guess were supposed to tell us a positive message or something) at the bottom. I couldn't really see it though cos someone was sitting right in front of me, and I couldn't see the middle screen. THAT WAS WHERE THE ACTION WAS! And then they showed lots of clips of movies. Eh. Hm.

After that I had study period..then French..and then another assembly to see a chorus thingy. It was boring. They sang well but it was still boring. After that, math class. After that, a drama performance. Which was also boring..sort of odd too. Then...ummm...oh yeah, the talent show. Nothing really horrible this year, last year a three girl band played a Blink-182 song, and it was totally out of tune and it was just horrible...guuh. This year there was lots of singing and not a million people playing piano for once. One dude played the piano...some other guys played the piano too, but they sang also. One girl played the guitar and sang a song she wrote. That was kind of strange to tell you the truth, she sang really softly. At the end, this guy danced to "It's Gonna Be Me" and that was scary.

After that was the fashion show. BOORING...soo boring I actually went to sleep. I thought I was going to die..."!" It's just a bunch of girls wearing skirts and..stuff...not that I can make a skirt, but then I wouldn't want to. And then there's always a lot of people who are wearing pieces of cloth the size of a hand towel which I guess it supposed to be a top piece or something. I DON'T knooow. That always gets the guys "That's my, that's MY girlfriend...I'm going out with her...BLAH BLAH BLAH" Oh yes, guys are stupid.

And now my eyes are all googly. Miirrf.


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