May 27, 2001

Moo, Thom disappeared! Oh well, I'm sure YOUUU don't really care. THOOOM!

I got the issue of NME with the THOM interview, and its got this creeepy picture of him on the cover. THEY BURNED HIS EYES OUT! Why I DON'T KNOW! Moo.

I played videogames this weekend with Cristen. Meheh. There were many explosions and stuff. Good times...good times...

RADIOHEAD PLAYING RIGHT NOW on pbs...okay its over...I'm watching The Money Show, and earlier they were talking about Napster. They were playing Idioteque, mweehee. They also played Hollywood Freaks...WHOA it's BECK my GOD! Craaazyyy.

*note: the following picture probably shouldn't be shown to those younger than 10 years old, or screaming may commence*

AHHHHHHH! *huff huff*..what the hell is that? Thom's hair...too much of it...too fluffy...HE HAD HEAD EXPLODEE!

I also saw Shrek this weekend. Cute movie. A BIRD EXPLODES! That's why you should see it. Other stuff happens too. Funny, cute, twisted movie, ahhAHAHHAhahah yes.

I guess I should start my Macbeth essay. Moo.


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