May 19, 2001

Miff! I ate a piece of pizza. It was tasty.

On the back of this month's Pulse magazine there's a full page ad for Amnesiac! I didn't notice it at first, I was like "Oh...I don't think there's any radiohead in here...AHHH RADIOHEAD!" I was halfway to the car then, so I rushed back to Tower Records and took three more magazines. Hey, they've got stacks of em, not like they're going to run out! So yes. Fwweee! And Bjork is on the cover of Nylon magazine. I just bought that the other day...the previous issue I assume. I haven't even gotten to read it yet! Guh. There's also a little bit about Radiohead in Mean magazine. Mm!

I just got BlogVoices, so...uh...I'm not completely sure what it does, but it does something. Mmhm. :)


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