May 12, 2001

I'm still tired. Guh.

I saw "A Knight's Tale" wasn't that good. I liked "The Mummy Returns" more. Oo well.

I ate some ice cream and my tummy feels funneeee. Oo well. OOO WELLLLL!

I like Coldplay. Well at least I like 4 of their songs. "Yellow" is a nice song but the other songs are just as good I think. I don't know what the band member's names are, but I like the guy's voice, which is a lot to say because I'm really picky with...voices. Maybe that's why I listen to a lot of electronic singing. Same with Godspeed You Black Emperor! although I'm not sure what kind of music that is. Sigur Ros minus the vocals. :)

Listen to Beck's cover of "Diamond Dogs" from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack, it's a pretty nifty song. I might just think so cos I like Beck, it really is quite nifty. :)


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