May 12, 2001

I took a 7 hour nap. That's how sad I was...ugh...I hate it sometimes. Why do I get sad so easily? This is like nothing, really. I ended up crying like I said I mum came down and was talkign to me and I didn't feel like talking, she said I was being all crabby, but not really I was just sad. And she doesn't know how to make me feel any better. She keeps telling me to not make a big deal out of it, I'm sure she's annoyed with me cos she went through so much trouble to bring me ot the concert and I'm still horrible depressed. I went on eBay and people were selling the 6-track tour CD for about 40 bucks, although it could go higher. I just don't want to pay that much, I mean I wouldn't have had to if I got it at the concert. And I can't buy any of the other stuff cos there's no website to buy them is all. And I'm sure I've got the money, but thats not it, I just feel stupid for missing out on such an opportunity. It seems like I can't have something good happen to me without something bad happening afterwards, sure I'm glad I went to the concert, I want that more than to buy Sigur Ros stuff. But still, it's just horribly depressing to me. Makes me hate life even more than I already do (which is a substantial amount at times). Well nothing anyone can do now, unless you can turn back time, which I know you can't.


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