May 24, 2001

i luv bjork! i don't think i can ever attend a concert again for anyone! it will never, ever top this, unless radiohead or travis or coldplay played a show in my bedroom.

How true. I bet Bjork is amazing in concert...well, lots of people are. But BJORK! That line was taken from a fan's review of the show on Tuesday at the Riverside Church in Harlem, NY.

I would like a Radiohead show in my bedroom...well, maybe in the family room, more space for Thom to dance/spazzercise/flair-arms-wildly.

I just got a package today from my net friend who lives in Italy of some nice Italian Radiohead goodies! Mweeheehee. There are some magazine articles (that I cannot read, but who cares!) and a bootleg of a show from last year. It's funny, it seems like everyone in the audience is singing along! I mean, it's cute...but if it was on all the songs I'd go nuts. I don't usually hear people singing during concerts, not that I've been to a substantial amount...I remember Beck was saying once at a concert he played in Argentina (well, I don't remember where but let's jsut say that) that everyone was singing along and it was this great nice experience. "I shall sit back and relax...YOU must SING! BWAHAHAHA!"

..oh wow, everyone is singing aren't they (song playing right now: Bones)...this is getting creepy!

If anyone is wondering (probably not), Kid A sounds pretty weird live. I mean, the song, not the entire album. THE WHOLE ALBUM...SO STRANGE! But anyway, this song sounds odd. First of all, you can UNDERSTAND what Thom is saying, and you really shouldn't be able to. It should sound like this..."mrahh" You get all that? It should, really. Oo, now it's No Surprises...HAHA my god, everyone is singing again. This is pretty rockin for No Surprises...about as ROCKIN' (that's right, there's no 'g') as it can get. If you've seen Meeting People Is Easy, there's this woman who describes it as "music to cut your wrists to" along with other stuff. But it's pretty! MOOF!


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