May 24, 2001

i like you. *rubs robyns head*'s e-mails like that that almost make life worth living! BWEEHEEHEE...rub someone's head today!

Apparently, tomorrow is Towel Day, sure to wear a towel..*I don't know*...

Happy 60th b-day to Bob Dylan! I dunno why I'm wishing him a happy birthday, but he hasn't aged very well, ahs he? He's SIXTY, not 80. Why does he look so very ollld? At least he's still active and stuff...he's playing at a music festival, a festival which also includes BECK HAHAHA yesss.

Phil turned 34!...yesterday..but anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHIL, the forgotten member of Radiohead. :) That's not really true, that he's forgotten, but he's the drummer and he's just ASKIN for it.

<-- lookie, it's the pretty limited edition of Amnesiac! I wanniiit!

You know what?...uh..I forgot! Alrightee, goodnite!


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