May 20, 2001

I forgot my stupid chemistry I have to do my STOOOPID lab in school tomorrow. Guh. WHY AM I STUPID? mHRHSAhAHSahssnd!

Anyway, I'm pretty hungry. But I'll wait till tomorrow. I had a loaf of french bread, but my mum threw it out cos it was old...I'd still eat it! I mean it was only 5 days old...maybe. I wanted it. Sniff. There isn't much snack-ee food in my house. We DO have many frozen chicken pot pies though! If that's a plus...

I got a nice, shiny new Rockin' On magazine. It's got a picture of BECK! YEE! Apparently he'll be playing in a rock festival somewhere in Japan in the summer. Hmm. There's also some pictures of Thom looking all introverted and tiny. Aw. How...cute. And there's a picture of Air! So I figured it was worth my $7.05 even though I can't read it.

I might have a better chance of seeing Air now. My mum got tickets to see this show called Feet of Flames at Madison Square Garden. It stars Michael Flatley, I guess she likes him. He scares just KNOW he's thinking "I'M THE BEST DAMN DANCER EVERRR!" Or something. She said our seats aren't really close, but they're priced like orchestra seats. I've never actually been inside MSG but I've seen it and our seats could be muchmuchmuch worse. FEET OF FLAMES, HERE I COOOOME!

Oh, anyway, after she told me that I said "Wuuuh?! When did I agree to this?" I like Riverdance, but this is sort of different...a bit. So it might be an exchange type thing, I go with her, she takes me to concert (if I can get tickets at least) SOOO it's all gooood. I would like to see NEEEEKOLAAA and JAAAHN benWAAH!

*that was just a little inside joke, HAHAHAHA I laugh*

I like eel. Tasteeee! THE BEST EVER! You MUST try this eel! So very delicious. GAHAHAHA!

I'm a highschooler! I mean I have been for the past two years. I don't think I look very different than I did in high school but apparently you can tell I'm a high schooler. It must be my hair, I should chop it off! I mean, it's not my clothes and it's not the way I's..the HAAIR! I must...BURN IT!


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