May 30, 2001

Hehe. Colin, Thom, and Ed. Hehe.

Ed's voice is cooool. Thom is so...kyoot. Aw. I don't think Colin talked much. They don't all sound alike, but they've all got that English accent. BUGGAH! So yeah. I can tell the difference of their voices, right? I hope i can.

HAHAH Colin just said "Joe Cocker" I mean it's not a funny name, but when he said it it sounded really funny. You have to trust me. He said it like "Joe Cock-ah" but not's funnee...I think I'm going to play that again....yes, it definitely is funny the way he says it.

This is the page with all the stuff with the radio(head) interview doodaa, you can listen to all of it there.

If you have aim, add GooglyStar to your list. It's another Radiohead thingo, but it DOES stuff. For some reason, it can tell you what movie theaters are near works too...moo. And it can tell you your horoscope. WHY? I don't know! I guess they were bored when they made it. You can find out random Radiohead trivia too. It's pretty nifty! I find it a little strange how computer oriented Radiohead is, I thought Thom was afraid of computers or something...not really in a literal sense, but some kind of sense.

...oo, GooglyStar is telling me that Jonny likes to buy records and walk...and other stuff...but WALKING WOW! :) I do that too, but I don't enjoy it. NEVER!

Oo, Jonny also likes to buy clothes. ... ... .....:)

Key words for Thom: creative, guarded, hyperactive. Mmhm.

I like GooglyStar. :) I shall bring you more useless rh trivia LATERR!

One of the key words for Phil is "sensuous" can find out what the other ones are. heehee. Three of the key words for Ed are tall, dark, handsome, HAHAHA my god that's funny. It's truuue....its truuueeeee.

COZ! Man I thought I made that up, but that really is Colin's nickname? HMM I thought it sounded too weird. I must have read it somewhere. Now I will call him COZ ooee...hey it says he can't Little Colin. MOOff!

Googly - short for googly-eyed; one having bulging or rolling eyes

Cristen and I always call Thom googly, but I guess that isn't correct, is it? Oh well. SUCK IT! HAHA! LIKE A LEMON! Thom's all GOOGLEE! *maniacal laughter commences*

Minotaur - the child of a human and a god, Condemned to wander the maze, to be fed the enemies of the kings whose palace he was entrapped beneath

...okay, thats just weird. I'm getting these definitions from the radiohead site, by the way. One of the...official ones. Yesss.

If anyone is wondering (to wander off the beaten path of Radiohead) the concert tonite wasn't too bad cos Cristen was there, yes she was, COS I MADE HER GO! I got to talk to her while the choir sang (polly wolly doodle, anyone?) and we had a grand old time. I played with her pooping animal and was so amused it was almost disturbing. Yes. :)


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