May 01, 2001

GUUUH English is being a poop. Shakespeare is being a poop! If he only knew how much torture students went through trying to decipher his plays...

Anyway, I'm one of those people. Macbeth is killing me, I can barely understand this. I don't even know who Macbeth killed! Or how many people he killed. And I can't paraphrase any of this stuff, UGH! I have an essay due on Friday, but since I won't be here I guess I'll be working on it during the band trip, FUN!

My mum said my eyes are all dark and I look like a racoon. I think that's exaggerating a bit, cos I looked in the mirror and I thought I looked fine, but she says I need more sleep. Well how about takin me out of school, eh? Yeah. It's 11:43 PM right I mean, yes I could go to bed early but then I wouldn't be doing this right now. I mean, if all I did was school work then I guess I'd be able to go to sleep but I'd hate my life even more if that's all I did. Other people get less sleep than I do, I'm sure of that.

Hey, my bbs is really buzzing now...15 users! WOOHOO...oo...well thats more than I was expecting. Actually 15 people isn't much at all, I mean if one of my classes only had 15 people that'd be like nothing. Hm.


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