May 29, 2001

Guh, it's gettin late. It doesn't really matter though, I guess. Last night I tried to go to sleep aroud 9:45 but it was virtually impossible since I can't breathe through my nose. I got up at some point to drink some Snapple. Hm. And then I tried to go to sleep again. I probably went to sleep around 2 AM. Moop.

Has your tongue ever been completely dry? Like BONE dry? I didn't know it was possible, but apparently it is...that happens to me a lot. A dry tongue feels WEIRD, I'm telling ya. It's like...I dunno...weiirrrd.

Today...SUCKED..I mean, in school. When I got home it wasn't so bad. Mweehee! But I got to school and got this funny feeling, and then I wanted to go home. And I felt kind of sick. Tummy...hurtts..WHYYY...I don't know. But I managed to make it through the day...and a two-period band practice. Ugh. There's a concert tomorrow...that should be like playing with sharks.

I think my English teacher was wearing a wig today. I guess she had chemotherapy or some kind of treatment...I think she has breast cancer. I should just know these things, right? She *sort* of told us about her illness, but not really. It must be hard for her, cos she's usually in school. She took a few weeks off and I guess she just gets treatment every now and then. I noticed her hair was a little different in color, but when I talked to her about my essay I coudl see that it didn't really look like her hair at all. :( I don't especially like my English teacher (or any of my other teachers for that matter) but I dunno, sometthing just makes me feel bad. It doesn't seem like any of the students like her. They're always complaining that she gives too much work and doesn't grade fairly, but I really...don't...know. She does give a lot of work, but it could be a lot worse. Last year I got a lot of work in English too. One of my friends is always saying she's the devil and she hates her, but she really isn't devil material if you ask me. Sometimes other teenagers think so irrationally, it doesn't make sense to me...

When I was talking to my teacher about my essay, I felt really depressed, like something horrible was going to happen, but I don't know why. I could have cried but I didn't really want to, you know. I didn't feel so smart...I'm really no where near as smart as I used to. Or stuff is getting harder. But you'd think my brain would evolve as I got older, right? I don't think it happens that way. I was the smart one back in...uh...elementary school. This essay that I'm doing was due eons ago, so it's really late, but I'll get some credit for it. I really didn't get some of it either, and the teacher know that so she helped me. I felt kind of bad though because it's not like she gave the rest of the class a one-on-one session with their essay, and so I don't see what makes me so special to get so much help, and then it's not like she would refuse helping me. But I really couldn't have done it otherwise...that was the original plan anyway. One of my friends said it was easy but..blech...anyway, I have to focus on another project for English. Does anyone want to help me think of 5 heros? Any 5? But no one that's too obvious cos...oh well, I'll think of something I guess.

Moo. Anyway, I got the new Air album, 10,000 Hz Legend, its quite ROCKIN....maahwhahahshasd yeah. $15 at Tower Records...seems like a good deal to me, althoguh its still a lot...sort of. Air is usually quite mellow, if you've listened to their stuff (MOON SAFARI!!!), and their new album is like..wooee...sort of like Beck making Midnite Vultures after Mutations. That probably doesn't mean anything to you, eh? Well, let's pretend it does. :)

There was a nice display set up for Amnesiac in Tower was cool. There were all these Radiohead CDs and then I looked up and there was this sign that said AMNESIAC...but it's not out yet. So it's like a trick or something. WHERE IS IT?! Gimme! Sigh.

AIR! 22 days till I see AIR! Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel, HAHAHAHA...*I have to stop laughing like that*...


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