May 22, 2001

Grr, my mum is all mad at me. What to dooo. Well I dunno how mad. I got a warning notice, I knew I would, it doesn't seem like a big deal to me, but I'm trying not to stress over anything. Just me...uh..smiley and crap. I'm not sure if it's better than being depressed, but people keep telling me to smile and it can be annoying, so I'm SMILIN alrightee? Yeaaah.

So I got tickets to the Air concert! 2nd was either that or the 1st mezzanine and when I tried to buy tickest for that it wouldnt work. Muuuh? OKAY well 2nd is better than nothing. At least I can sit down.

I studied a lot for a chem test I have tomorrow...but I'll probably do badly anyway because I was mainly practicing problems and there are only going to be 13 problems on the test or so. There are also 40 multiple choice questions. Ugggh. I don't know this stuff! It's on two chapters and includes...pH...and...acids and bases forget. There's a lot more weird stuff. Mmff.

So anyway, about my mum, I dunno what's up with her, she seems to think that she can change my teacher's min about that essay I didn't do, but I already talked to her about that (for about 2 seconds mind you, but that still counts) and unless I had some good reason she wasn't going to cut me any slack. And I DON'T have a good reason, I know that. So, case closed, right? Well I would think so. Of course I'm trying not to worry too much about anything or I'll go crazy. If anyone is wondering why I didn't do the essay, besides not wanting to, I just couldn't bring myself to so it. I kept telling myself to do it, but then by the time the Toronto trip was over I felt like crap and just wanted to go home. Most of the trip was crap for me. I was depressed like you would not believe, but I tried not to show it. I don't think I really did. I didn't...cry or..uh...whatever. Sometimes I talked a lot and sometimes I didn't. On the bus I mainly slept though, keeping my thoughts to myself. I don't think incompetency counts as an excuse, so I won't even try it. I should have written the essay before I went on the trip, but...I didn't. So it's all my fault. Hm.

Anyway, right now I'm listening to Mouse On Mars...I read that they sound like Plone. Or rather, Plone sounds like Mouse On Mars. I could have sworn that I've listened to them before, but it didn't sound anything like this so I guess it was something...else. My is not so good. Mouse On Mars sounds like Plone music that you can dance to. So it's sort of like...Aphex Twin (+ Plone), but not so scary. Some Aphex Twin stuff sounds aboslutely FREAKY, I mean...I don't know. I've only got one of his albums, maybe his other stuff isn't...FREAKY! And some of that music sounds like what they play in the firey depths of HELL or something. But anyway, I'd like to get this CD (Niun Niggung) although next week, Air's new album 10,000 Hz Legend comes out, and after that there's RADIOHEAD and Rufus but mainly RADIOHEAD! Man I wish I had more money. Maybe I can take some out of the band. And then I juust bought those tickets to the Air concert, which is like another...37 bucks? Guh! Moof.


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