April 24, 2001

You have to download this...funniest thing ever! BECK AND BENDER! WEE!

(I'm amused by Beck's sideburns...they look funnee! heehee!)

If you don't want to download that though, I'll see if I can decipher the lyrics...normal is Bender, italics is Beck, and bold is both of them:

Lay it down boys
Ladies, gentlemen, smoking heaps of machinery, this is a song called My Broken Friend

People say my broken friend is useless
But I say his mind is free
There's lots of things my mangled robot friend could be

Kick it

We could make a good hat rack
He only has to ----
Or ---
He doesnt need to move
Or a great big giant Thermos
With a twist off top
that would be good for soup

He couldbe a storage closet
For outdated pants
I like em tight
My broken friend could do it all
Just give him a chance
That robot has a tragic secret
That I'd like to share (for real?)
My broken friend is closer to me
Than an ass to a chair (hm)
That robots name I never told you (whos that?)
You could not forsee (come on give it up)
I'll say it loud and sing it loud
His name is you and me

Don't melt me down into a crowbar
It suffers alone
Just cos I cant move my arms and legs (hey)
But don't toss me into a trash can (bender what are you doing?)
Just cos I cant cook you ham and eggs (what are you doing?!)
Dont crush me into an anchor (yo whats the dilly o?)
Just cos I cant jump and (hold it!) dance and sing (hold it...bender!)
I'm telling you my broken friend
Hands in the air like you just don't care!
I'm tellin you my broken friend can do most (cut it!) anything! (cut it!)



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