April 01, 2001

Today I didn't go outside..I don't think it was that sunny. Cloud...y. Yes.

I really need to start an 8-10 page research paper that's due on Monday, but I haven't started it. Actually, just the first draft is due on Monday, but still. I'm sort of screwed, cos now I'm too tired to start it. Ugh. I really don't want to do it tomorrow...

I don't feel that sick but my mum keeps telling me I am. Oh well. Tomorrow I'll just mope around I suppose.

I was lookin at my bro's old yearbook from TAS...it was interesting, even though I didn't know anyone in the yearbook. Gah. It made me wonder what I'd be like if I stayed in Taiwan, although I guess I'll never know for sure, I still could have ended up being like I am now. I don't think I would, but you never know. I mean a bunch of my friends would have moved by now, and then high school is much harder in TAS, and...um....I dunno, I had more to say, but I forgot.

I want to see some Radiohead stuff. I recorded some music videos and the SNL performances on a VHS-C so I could watch it on my camcorder in my bed. It's a good idea I think, a little TV. I used to do that with my beck stuff, and watch it a lot before I went to sleep. Ah. :) Beck made me really happy. Now Radiohead makes me happy...I guess. Well. I don't know, it's not the same. I think Beck is a more likeable person than Thom. I like Thom though...and then there's the rest of the band, and they're all cool. Uh...yeah. Radiohead just seems more "untouchable" than Beck, if that makes sense.

I had more to say, but it's not that important I guess. I'd just be thinking about stuff I can't do anything about. I should just deal with what I've got. Or something.


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