April 15, 2001

Sigh...Sigur Ros tickets sold out! I heard they sold out in less than half an hour...apparently lots of people had trouble with ticketmaster.com. It worked for me, although I was sitting at my computer at noon, reloading the page until something happened. I dunno how it ended up working fo rme, maybe because of all the frustration I went through last year trying to get Beck tickets? Hm. I need one more ticket...gah I should have just gotten three at the time I guess. Because I could have surely given it away if I needed to..NOOO I'M STUPID! Sigh. At the Sigur Ros bbs a bunch of people are lookin for NY tickets, so I dunno if I should even try. By the way, I'm trying to get a tickets for my friend...we should bask in the glowingness of Sigur Ros together! My mum said she'd give up her ticket, although that means my mum won't be there, and I think she'd change her mind later. "Yeah, I'll leave you two alone in New York!" Well not..exactly..well we'll see. :(


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