April 17, 2001

Oops, have I been spelling Jonny's name wrong this whole time? There is no "h" in Jonny...Johnny...well it looks sort of the same to me either way, Inever really noticed. AHH!

A funny new Radiohead word: Thomotion. Actually, it looks weird, and it doesn't sound right, but its in reference to Thom expressing his emotions I think. I was reading a poston the Mortigi Tempo BBS and someone was writing about Matt Bellamy (from Muse) saying "...but the voice just ruins it for me. Too much forced emotion (and Thomotion)." I rather like his voice, he has a very wide vocal range, but there is a little too much forced emotion, or at least that's what it sounds like...maybe he's just REALLY into his songs...THOMOTION!...okay I won't say that anymore. Only for this time. It looks so round, with all those "o"s...HEEHEE!


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