April 30, 2001

Ooo, today I had band practive from 7-9 PM. How delightfully wonderful! Um. Not really. I hated it. I dunno how I just hate band a lot, but everyone seems really annoying. No one knows how to focus. It's really quite sad. And then my teacher gave me first clarinet parts that I can't play...*wonderful*. I just wanted to get out of there!

A good thing happened today though, I got an A- on my research paper that I thought I'd do badly on since I was a few pages short of what the teacher asked for. I've got a Macbeth paper due on Friday though that I'm sure to suck on considering I don't know what to do. Oo well, I had glory for a few short moments.

My teacher has been out for most of this month (oo tomorrow is May!) and she told us why; apparently she's got breast cancer. I think. Well man, that's bad. I mean it seems like a lot of people get cancer, but still its no fun. She's going to be getting treatments and stuff, she might lose her hair and have to wear a wig. Yikes. I don't think many people like my teacher...I don't. I don't dislike her, she's just THERE and I hate English so I guess she has a little something to do with it (perhaps assigning lots and lots of essays and poopy stuff?).

I don't know how much I'm lookin forward to this trip to Toronto on Thursday to Sunday. The people in my band can be really obnoxious. And I don't really have any friends. I mean there's only one person who I'd consider a friend, but there are other people in the band she's better friends with I think. Or she could at least carry on a good conversation with. I'm bad with conversations, unless it's Radiohead or Beck or Bjork related. Sigh. The good thing is that I might be able to see one of my Beck Internet friends who lives in Toronto, wouldn't that be cool? Real live Beck fans, where are they? :)

I hope you all looked at the Radiohead iBlip, it's quite nifty, even if you don't like Radiohead. OH, and you should all send me a postcard. They're FREE! I didn't know that though and I ended up purchasing one...um..yeah, smart me. Well it was $1.25. But really like it would hurt you to send me something, all you have to do is sign up and create an account, and then...yup! I WANT THOSE POSTCARDS, help me fulfill my dream!


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