April 15, 2001

Oo I'm tired. Well it's late. I took a nap today. After I woke up around 12. I ate. And probably did something else. And nappy nap. I finished Jimmy Corrigan, quite a sad book. I mean not boo-hoo sad. But all these unfortunate things keep happening to Jimmy, it's just...sucky. Not really horrible things, but not good...oh well who cares it's just a book, what am I talking about?

I spent all my allowance already. I think I get more allowance than other people my age...$25. I've been getting that for a few years I think. I don't know what I spend it on though. Today I bought a book and a magazine. Book: the second volume of Nausicaa...it was 18 bucks! Yeesh. Magaine: Rockin On was only 2 bucks...oh wait then I still have some left. Well. Garh. I was fishing through the back issues at Kinokuniya...there's always a lot, but not usually what I'm looking for. I was hunting down a farily recent issue of Rockin On with Thom on the cover...there were a few issues of Crossbeat and Rockin On, and they mainly had U2 on the cover, hm. I found on that had a few pages about Radiohead though, WEE! TWO BUCKS for Radiohead HAPPINESS! Fred Durst is on the cover though...holding two guns...pointing the two guns in the reader's direction. That is sweeellll. Oh well, I get some nice stuff about Radiohead that I can't read. ONE DAY, in maybe TWENTY YEARS I'll read it.

I tried ordering that back issue with Thom on the cover, along with an old issue with Beck on the cover. 2 years old. I have a feeling they'll both be sold out. The lady told me that it takes a month to get here, and there's a $5 charge per magazine. Well, if they exist. Hm. I might forget by then. Well hopefully they'll call.

I'm watching Late Night at the Apollo right now...I watch it cos I don't think there's anything else on. I don't like the show that much, the audience can be really mean sometimes. Although sometimes the amateurs suck, but sometimes they're really good and the audience still boos them...eh well. Maybe that's just my opinion. Okaaay...whats on ABC...hey it's that Doogie Howser guy. Will he ever be known for anything else? He'll be 80 years old, sitting in a rockin chair and people will still call him Doogie...oh lord.


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