April 03, 2001

Man, I'm so tired. I could blaarghrghhr but I need to take a shower. My hair needs a washin. Ugh. GAAAR! I haven't had any homework to do for tomorrow, so what HAVE I been doing? Working on my Beck site...poop. I mean I liked working on it, but maybe it's a giant waste of time, I don't know.

Right now I'm listening to Muse, they're good! Or maybe I'll get sick of them later, but for now, we'll say that I like them. The lead singer dude has a nice voice, like THOM, but not Thom. Heehee..*THOM*...um....yeah, there are stars around Thom's name! Anyway, a nice Muse song is Unintended, although I couldn't get it on Napster cos it's being poopy. Gr.

Um...not much else to talk about. I mean I'm too lazy to write any more stuff.

Thom is fuzzy.


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