April 28, 2001

Just last night I started to reread a book called Teen Angst? Nah... again, for whatever reason...probably boredom, but anyway, it's a very funny book. It was funny the first time I read it too, but I don't remember how long ago that was, so I'm bringing it up now. It's by a guy named Ned Vizzini and the book is just about his his school experience, pretty much. Guys would probably relate more to this book than girls, but I've got a brother and I just thought some of the references in the book were funny, such as playing Nintendo until your fingers bleed, playing Magic: The Gathering day and night...yuuup. I think Ned has probably outgrew those things though, while my brother still plays Nintendo and collects Magic cards...*sigh*.

He did have some advice for girls in one of his essays, and it goes something like this:

Girls: you will never be rejected if you ask out a guy. He'll be so dumbfounded or thrilled that he'll just shut up and nod. Quizzes in YM magazine are totally useless. Stop saying "y'know," "I dunno," and "I know, right?" Please. And glitter is very disorienting.

...Glitter? Um. Well I just find his view on girls funny. And what's wrong with saying "I dunno," I have to say that a lot! Whenever my friends ask me a question and I don't know the answer, I go "I dunno." Yeesh. Or maybe I'll say "I don't know," wow, the craziness! And I don't agree with that comment about never being rejected if you ask out a guy. That can't be true. I do agree that quizzes in YM are useless, as is most of the stuff in those kind of magazines.

Anywaaaay, if you don't want to get the book (but you should) he's got a website of his essays, so if you're bored you can read those. I read that he's like another author, David Sedaris, who I also enjoy, although I don't understand his humor as easily since he writes for adults I guessss. Why must my teenage brain be so puny, WHY?

Ned went to Stuyvesant High School in NYC, which apparently is the best school (or public school?) in the US or something...and it's gigantic. Like this: Of course, in NY you have to build upwards and not...outwards, but 10 stories is a lot. Yikes.

Okay, I guess I'm done now. To lead a meaningless existance....ooooeeoooo...:)


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