April 04, 2001

I'm listening to more songs from Amnesiac. Dollars and Cents appears to be the prettiest song so far, it reminds me of Optimistic, but then they're not really alike. It just reminded me of that. I bet this makes no sense to you...ladeeda...oh well. It must be the slight echo in Thom's voice. So I recommend you download that.

It seems like Amnesiac will be better than Kid A, it sounds sort of like it, but then it also sounds really different. I dunno, you can't explain this stuff. It's a combination of Kid A, OK Computer, and some more techno-ee stuff. How can music be this good? It defies all reason! I can't believe that there is anything better than Radiohead out there in the world, but it's a big possibility, I mean just think about all the music I haven't heard...it's weird. Maybe I should just be my regular ignorant self and say RADIOHEAD IS THE BEST BAND ON EARTH! Maybe they are. Maybe they're not. I was still debating whether Beck was better or Radiohead was better, and it's hard to say. Beck is just one dude, but Radiohead has 5 dudes, is that an unfair advantage? I don't know.

Today was sunny and it made me feel like crap. I hate sunyn days, really, not like the sun is so bad, but I don't want to see it. I need a few clouds at least, but there were hardly any. So I was in a not good mood all day. Of course, every day I start off on the wrong foot in gym. There's no point in trying anymore, I think. At least people don't yell at me for not hitting the ball. But when I serve it and no one on the other side of the net gets it, someone might say "Go Robyn!" which is a load of crap you know, because someone could have hit it but for some weird reason no one did. That happens sometimes, but it hardly feels like a victory.

I think I'm the kind of person Beck would really dislike. Well I dunno about now, but I'm just like those slackers that he didn't like so much. I was reading this book about him and he was saying how slackers have the time to be depressed and not do anything pretty much, which is like me. Yeah. Although when you're depressed, it doesn't matter if you have the TIME or not, it just consumes you. Somewhat. So maybe Beck has never been really depressed, but he's been through a lot...I have no idea.

I must be the worst listener, I noticed in school I totally block out what the teacher's saying and thing about something totally different (the topic is usually "What will I do when I get home?) but that bothers me because I have to listen. In English we finished Macbeth, but I have NO idea what happened. It was one of the most god-awful boring books/plays I have ever read. But I couldn't understand it...if it was put in terms that stupid people could understand, maybe it'd be more interesting. I hate it though. I think I may be getting dumber in some sense, compared to how I was in middle school at least. I have more trouble concentrating and stuff.

Lunch is still annoying. Even more annoying because I can't ever block out other people's conversation at that time and I'd really like to. One girl brought in YM magazine and was enlightening the rest of us on some of the answers to the health questions in it. You know those types of questions, right? Is it just me, or do the same questions get asked every months? I'd hate to have to write that column of the magazine, to get asked "What is that weird stuff in my underwear?" every freakin month.

There was a quiz in the mag that how well you knew your friends or something. Questions like "What is my favorite food? What was my most embarassing moment? Who was my most intense crush?" I was thinking...well no one would know the answers to these questions but me. Some questions were easy because they didn't even apply to me ("Who was your first kiss?") and one of my friends got..i dunno, 5 right. I'm not sure how that scores. But I hardly knew anything about her. Eh well.

Are most girls tomboys? Because according to the people at my table, they say that they're tomboys, although what does that make me? I might possibly be the least girly..girl I know. According to them, to not be a tomboy you'd have to be one of those rich snooty girls who sounds like a Valley girl and is always concerned about appreances. I don't always see much of a difference with the people that sit at my table though, they talk about guys, they're somewhat concerned about their looks..hair..makeup...they're really annoying...maybe I'm not a very good judge of myself but I don't think I'm like that. Actually, no one really knows what I'm like, not even me. Grr I hate life.

UGH I downloaded the Pyramid Song on Napster and it's not...here! WHY? It just likes to screw things up for me. I just wanted to hear Thom...oh well.


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