April 07, 2001

I was going to say something, I had it alllll planned out, but I totally have no idea what I wanted to say. Goop.

GO DOWNLOAD DOLLARS AND CENTS! It's just the coolest song, really...and I Might Be Wrong is very good. I didn't like it a whole lot the first time, but now I'm quite in love with it. Doesn't mean you'll like it, but you could give it a try.

I took a nap today from 1-5 PM...I was quite tired I guess. I woke up around 7:30 to pee. Must've been all that coke I drank. But that was still about 7 hours of sleep, which isn't too shabby. Gah.

Why doesn't Hotmail work? For the past two days, I got nuttin.

My mum keeps telling me about joining school activities, but no matter how much she presses I'm not going to miraculously want to join something. So I don't really understand why she's trying. I mean, I do some math team stuff every now and then, isn't that enough?! BLAAHDEEDAAAH I say so.


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