April 22, 2001

I think everyone must be dead. Is my life so bad that I am online hours a day uploading stuff and doing useless things and everyone has better things to do? Sometimes I worry myself. How long have I been in my basement? I lost count 6 hours ago...oo..that might be right.

I just recalled, last night before I went nightee night, I felt horribly sad or depressed or a mixture of both or maybe it was a NEW emotion that has not been invented yet. I don't remember why though. Maybe it's better that way, but then now I'm wondering why, and then I'll go crazy and the craziness will make me have head explodee. But sometimes I don't mind being sad and depressed, like in school I don't mind cos I'm usually thinking "SCREW THE WORLD!", but last night I felt so bad my stomach hurt and I wanted to baaarrf and then I wanted to die, or maybe die then barf...no...that doesn't work does it? Okay, barf first, then die. And I had weird funky vibes shooting through my arms...MY ARMS NOT MY ARMS! But they still work. ALAS I AM OKAY! No worry. But I'm still confused. Brains. I may as well eat them, they're no good anymore!

Damn, someone is getting booed on Late Night at the Apollo agaain...that always saddens me. Even if they suck horrible. Well. Sometimes that's funny.

Anyway. What was I talking about? My tummy hurts again, NOOOO maybe I ate bad fish.


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