April 03, 2001

I just remembered, anyone watch that David Copperfield special? I don't think there was anything else on (well this is me, the person with 7 channel speaking) and it was sort of odd...I mean, yeah it was. I find magic shows so pointless, but I watch them anyway. I just don't get it. That other dude David Blaine is much cooler though...he's creepy man. David Copperfield was all.uh..I dunno, humorous I guess, which isn't bad, but he's like cracking jokes before he steps into that FIRE TORNADO THINGAMAJIGGY which didn't do much to him apparently. He didn't even catch on fire, although his feet got hot or something. It's freaky, why would anyone do that? I DON'T KNOW! He looked awfully scared right before the fire whooshed around him though. Hm. I didn't really get that levitating couch thing...or the thing where he just magically appears in Hawaii. Guh.

Okay then. I was thinking about writing about the annoying people at my lunch table, but I've talked about that a lot before. It's just that while I usually don't say anything and just do homework and eat, I decided to tell the annoying people they were annoying, which doesn't do anything. It's just that they're so...annoying...but when they get annoyed by something someone else does it's...ugh. I don't know. My friend was talking about eating food and not drinking stuff and when she said "It's not hard to swallow..." then the other three girls started cracking up. At first I was like "Huh?" cos I had sort of blanked out, but really has everyone turned into a pervert or what? Uh...you know what was funny right? And it's not even...funny...I dunno people are so weird. My friend can't even eat a banana without one of the other girls pointing it out..."LOOK AT HER EAT THE BANANA! HAHAHA!"

At some point, one of the girls started listening to music, which she does a lot..and she was singing along, which she does a lot. It's really annoying cos she doesn't sing that well, and even if she did, it'd still be annoying. This other girl pulled her hair out of her ponytail to mess it all up since she wasn't paying attention, and she got so mad...that's like nothing compared to how annoying she actually is, but she gets mad a lot like that. "FUCK YOU BITCH STOP THAT!" My GOD calm down! It's like these people think they have the right to annoy the hell out of everyone because they feel like it, but when the tables are turned they get so defensive. Me, I just don't do anything, I don't bother anyone, I don't look annoyed...

...just sit, breath, and look straight ahead. I've found that this works for me. It's my 12-step program. It comes on 6 cassette tapes for $9.99 + S&H. Operators are standing by.

I know there are plenty of normal people out there, but I'm not even looking for a normal person. I don't know what I'm looking for, which is why I haven't found anything. Except disappointment I guess. Disappointment comes in bulk these days.


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