April 17, 2001

I got my report card! It's littered with Bs...hehe...I was in the bathroom and my mum goes "You got your report card!...there are more Bs than As! [said in a horrifying tone]" ...alrightee! I knew I'd get tons of Bs, but I guess my mum didn't know. Hey, I got a B in gym even though I didn't do anything, that's pretty good! Oh well. High school has really lowered my expectations, I don't even try to get As anymore. Of course, they'd be niiice.

I got my stuff from Amazon.com, wee! A Johnny the Homicidal Maniac book and Squee's Wonderful Big Giant Book of Unspeakable Horrors. VERY FUN! On the cover of the book, there's a drawing of Squee saying "Buy me or I'll die!" HAHA! Poor Squee. If I have a kid, I'll name em Squee. Wouldn't that be great? Yes...you are nodding...I thought so.

I also got Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven! by Godspeed (God's pee?...d) You Black Emperor! It's quite good, there are 2 CDs and on the first CD at least, there are two songs that are 22 minutes long. Technically they're a few songs put together on one track, but it all sort of sounds the same. Very Sigur Ros-ee, without the singing. NO SINGING! NO VOICES HERE! BEGONE!

Has ANYONE seen Spy Kids? It's been number 1 for three weeks, and I'm still not very interested in seeing it, but my mum is. Eh. There haven't been any movies lately that I thought "I MUST SEE THAT!" The last movie that I thought was a must see was Dancer in the Dark I guess, but there were some other good movies in between...Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Cast Away...uh...weeEEEAAAAaaa!

Isn't Rufus Wainwright's new album supposed to come out TODAY? I can't find any info about it. Poop. And it's not at cdnow, so something seems weird. He's playing a concert in NY in May, but I want to go to the Siru Ros concert more..so..yeah...I wish I lived in NY, that would make things easier!


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