April 16, 2001

I forgot, yesterday was Ed's birthday! HAPPY 33 YEARS OF ED HAPPINESS! "Ed...he's the tall one!" :) I wonder why Ed doesn't seem to get any lovin...Cristen and I make fun of him for that. HAHA! Yeah, there's something wrong with ever member of Radiohead. Maybe Ed's tallness scares the ladies. ...nah! He does smoke, and that sucks. Hm...well maybe there's just some deep dark secret about Ed that makes him repulsive. But I doubt it. :)

<--- isn't that cute? heehee!

Hey dudes GO to my friggin BBS, STAAAT! It's blue...blue equals happiness! YOU WANT TO BE HAPPY, DON'T YOU? You'll have to register though. Be a good pal. I'll give you my bloood. No I won't. Introduce youselves, I want to know every single one of you...MWAHAHAHA!


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