April 09, 2001

I don't know why, but I absolutely love rain. Especially if it's thundering and there's lots of lightening and all that good stuff. That's what's going on right now...I woke up from my nap to lots of thunder and rain splattering all over the place, and I just felt so happy, but it wasn't like a normal kind of happiness (not that I can determine what is normal) it was...I dunno. Just nice. In school today it was so hot and sunny (it was in the 70s, not boiling, but compared to the weather we've had before...) and I was so miserable. It was like I shouldn't have been in school, it was supposed to be summer, with me sleeping and not doing much. But I was in SCHOOL and it was just horrible.

But the RAIN, it's just so wonderful! My mum said "You must like miserable things..." but if they're so miserable, then they wouldn't make me happy, right? Yeah. HEY if it keeps raining then we probably won't play softball tomorrow, YAY!

I rather like Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors after listening to it a few times. I mean, the first time I listened to it I though it sounded like a lump of fuzz, but it's really weird. I dunno. I just love Radiohead. Wee! I don't really understand Dollars and Cents, Thom says that "we are the dollars and cents, and the pounds and pence..." Alrighty. I'm just a carbon based life form. Wait...am I? I'm some kind of organic mass.


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