April 21, 2001

Hello! I am full of frozen cake-ee goodness! MMM!

So today I went to NY. It was sort of not fun, cos I stayed in the car the whole time...my mum and I got semi-lost. We were looking for the venue of the Sigur Ros concert, which seems to have MOVED ANYWAY, but..yeah, we looked for it and couldn't get to it cos the streets were going in the wrong way and too many people cars lights AHH BLOOD and we ended up on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. "Mommy...where are we going...mooom!"


Anyway, I'm real confused now cos the Sigur Ros concert is at IRving Plaza instead of the Angel Orensanz foundation, and although I've heard of Irving Plaza (RADIOHEAD PLAYED THERE) I don't know where it is. I hope my mum doesn't get too mad.


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