April 24, 2001

Heeheehee! Read this!

OR, here are some excerpts:

Hitting stores October 3, Kid A is more fast-paced and upbeat, with production from Max Martin (Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears) and Rodney Jerkins (Jennifer Lopez, Toni Braxton). "Our fans are the best fans in the world," says lead singer Thom Yorke (known as "the cute one"). "They put us where we are, and we'll never forget that."

The other members of Radiohead are guitarist Ed O'Brien (the naughty one), guitarist Jonny Greenwood (the shy one), bassist Colin Greenwood (the older brother) and drummer Phil Selway (the Jew).

Thom is the CUTE ONE, heehee! Well, that is true. As for Ed being the naughty one...uh...*no comment*...Jonny is the shy one, yes. Colin is the older brother, man that's all they could come up with? Is that how he will be remembered..."And here's Colin, the OLDER BROTHER! *girls excitedly screan and pull on their faces*" Um. And Phil is the Jew...OOOOkay, well now it all makes sense! :)

Don't miss Radiohead on tour this fall with B*Witched (sponsored by Dr. Pepper), and catch Jonny Greenwood's three-episode stint on "Roswell."

I COULD imagine Jonny on Roswell, he could be one of those freaky evil Alien dudes who tries to kill Max or something. Can't YOU imagine it? That floppish hair and chisled cheekbones? He could be all evil and stuff. HAHAHA! Or he could work at the UFO Center, sitting by his computer day and night searching for life in outer spaaace!

*You have to imagine me saying that last sentence all creepy-like*

Here's an excerpt from their soon-to-be-number-1-hit song "Freak You Up":

(Colin Greenwood rap)
Straight up funky when I get with you
Keep the party rocking cuz you know it's true
Tell me what you want and that's what you'll get
Get up on this and you'll know what to do
I wanna sex u up and down
Freak it to the sound let's toss it around
Get between the sheets and hit the skins
Knockin' your boots and having some sex

I can't imagine a Colin Greenwood rap. Oh my god. Wouldn't that be hilarious? Either that or frighteningly horrifying. HAHA! Man...Colin. He's funny.

Are you laughing yet? Well you will now, get a load of THIS:



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