April 05, 2001

Guh. Another sunny day. Made me want to lie out on the grass. But not really.

Time flied by pretty quickly today, after school ended that is...I got home, and then it was 6 PM. No nap. Poop.

Man I'm hungry.

What the hell is with that Weakest Link show? I'm not interested in it at all, that lady is just too weird for me. And that Bootcamp show doesn't look appealing either, I haven' really seen it.

Today at school there was a meeting for sophomores and their parents to discuss out futures...YAY...no..wait..I mean...NOO! As much as I wish I cared about my future, I honestly don't care much about it. If my future means busting my butt in high school, getting into a college I don't really want to go to (I mean, I've got no preference) and then getting some menial job that probably suuucks so I won't have to live in a ditch..NOO! I want life to be happy, and i'm not happy, and I don't think college is some utopia where everything is lollipops and rainbows. Alriiight? Yeah. So I'm just this horrible person. Hm.



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