April 08, 2001

God I'm so tired. Why am I always tired? I could take a nap I guess.

I started watching Meeting People Is Easy again...I stopped for a while, although I don't know why. I just didn't want to watch it at all. Well I thought it was weird. Maybe it's not.

I was watching SNL last night...it was quite funny. Alec Baldwin was the host. He said that he's hosted 9 times or something...it was some big number. There's no one else to host? Not that there's anything wrong with Alec Baldwin...he does that whole Pete Schweaty thing. Haha. You know it. Coldplay was the music guest, I thought they looked funny. Whoever the lead singer is, he was bopping around, and it looked funny. Cos I'm thinking, you don't bop around with an acoustic guitar. Or maybe you do. I'm not a bopping kind of person. He has the same shoes as I have...I was thinking GIMME MY SHOES BACK but I guess one day I was bound to see someone else wearing my shoes. I was just a little disappointed for a while, although I don't know why. I used to have this different pair of sneakers and my friends would go "Hey I saw someone with the same shoes as you, except they were a different color..." and I'm thinking "No one can have the same shoes as meee!" and it bugged me. I'm weird...I know. Although if Thom had the same shoes, things would be different.

I lost one of my journals. It's been lost for a while, but how the hell do you just lose a journal in your own house? I'm trying to remember if I took it anywhere and I don't think so...god I dunno. I'd really like it back. It's a think blue Morning Glory notebook. Yeah, like you have it. Well I've still got my 5 other journals, I was reading them. Man, I was a weird person. Way back in 7th grade...yeah.

Oo wow so many more Amnesiac songs are up...I'm gettin em alll. Gwarrr. Yeah don't tell me "Why don't you just wait till June?" although none of you were probably going to tell me that anyway. So the only songs I haven't heard yet are Life In A Glass House and You And Who's Army? although technically I've heard those too, just not the album versions. Guh.

The other day when I was at Cristen's house, we were watching this odd show about anti-abortionist people. They seem a bit loony. I mean, they're crazy nut heads. Yeah. They said they were in the Army of God...and they wanted to kill people who did abortions. As long as they didn't get caught I guess. I don't understand the Army of God stuff, I mean, God is God, and if there is a God, he wouldn't need an army. Duh. Maybe I'm totally wrong...but I don't care really.

Jesus, there are a bagillion different topics at the Mortigi Tempo bbs about Amnesiac, and they're all saying the same thing it seems...I'not very into bbs-es I guess. What is the point of telling a bunch of people "We still need Knives Out and Morning Bell!" or something that everyone knows...um...maybe this is why I haven't got many friends. I don't like to talk much.

Apparently Thom sang a song backwards, I think it's "Like Spinning Plates" and then they played that backwards so it sounded normal...I don't know why you'd want to sing a song backwards and go through all that trouble. Maybe he was bored. Or it means something. I don't know. But what is the point? Well I haven't heard the song yet.

DAMMIT I was about 50% done downloading Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors and then Getright crashed, and then the thing started over again, GRRR my computer sucks. All these programs won't work right, that was why I reformatted it in the first place, but then they still don't work, and some other stuff doesn't work. And it's a bit lump of crap, I don't understand why. My bro's computer seems to work alright.


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