April 15, 2001

From Well Hung At Dawn:

A very highly placed source inside the Radiohead camp -- Hiya Phil! -- tells us the Amnesiac songs "You And Whose Army," "Knives Out," and "Life in a Glass House" are about, well, us. Oh, in our continuing series of asinine Thom Yorke quotes, here's your popeyed hero on doing interviews: "It's like sleeping with someone and never seeing them again." Clearly, he has never done a Q&A with Courtney Love. Though now that we think of it, why hasn't she tried to fuck his gangly little ass? Could it be that Thom is far too repellant even for Courtney? Is that actually possible? Brrrrrrr . . . we get douche chills just thinking about it!

Mrah! Whyyy? These people are weird. They couldn't even leave Phil alone! Mraah! Here's another little excerpt:

Raise your hands to the heavens and sing Hallelujah! Thanks to Pizza Hut, breadsticks and pizza are "together at last!" Can someone please explain this to us once and for all -- what the fuck do you need breadsticks for if you're having pizza?!? No wonder we Americans are a bunch of big, fat fucks . . .

I actually agree with that...I mean, you don't really need the breadstick do you? I always looked ath a pizza crust as a breadstick already, but now they made it into an ACTUAL breadstick...or something. I don't know, I don't even eat pizza anymore.

Okaay, here's a little bit of an article on Thom:

During the summer, on "Saturday Night Live," Yorke held up a placard saying "Let Ralph Debate" in reaction to Nader being "suddenly not able to appear" on the TV debates with Gore and Bush. "I just couldn’t believe it," he foams. "They wouldn’t let Nader have his say, in this so-called democracy. It was a debate the American people wanted to hear. He was filling stadiums all over the country. So I made my point, and "Saturday Night Live" were well up for it. And I got sacks of post, saying I’d destroyed the Gore Campaign! Me? [stabs at chest] Me? ME?!"

I just have a hard time imagining Thom "foaming" and stabbing his chest, going "Me? ME?!" It makes me laugh for some reason. Am I odd? Am I not odd? Am I talking to myself? HAHA! Foaming Thom. WATCH OUT, HE'S ANGRYYY!

"Yeah! It does change shape. And now...eheheh... now it's a triangle."

That doesn't mean a thing on it's own, but for some reason I also thought that was really funny. Maybe it's the "eheheh" part...I think he was talking about filling a hole, of something, I dunno I got confused.


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