April 20, 2001

Dude, half of the school didn't show up today! That thingy at Indian Hills must have scared them...I think it said "4/20 DEATH WILL COME" or some other form of that. Yeeaaaah. So I come to school and the hallways are noticeable less clogged with filth (aka teenagers!) and my classrooms appear magically larger (due to less filth). I don't know if people REALLY thought some crazy dude with a gun would come storming in, but peopel decided "Hey, I just won't go to school today!"

In my chemistry class there were only 7 or 8 people, so the teacher didn't even make us do anything. I started the new lab however, along with Aliza and Jon who managed to not annoy the hell out of me. I also cleaned some test tubes! It was quite fun. I used detergernt and those pipe-ee cleaner lookin things, and when I was smushing it in the test tube the detergent made all these white foamy bubble-ee thingies come out. I call it...CHEMISTRY GOO! And I pretended that the test tube was releasing its chemistry goo all over the place. HAHAHA! It was fun!

our lab wasn't going so well. My teacher gave us an unknown substance and we had to identify it by making up a procedure and...uh..yeah. It wasn't working at all. I came to the conclusion that there must be chemstry in HELL!

And that was my day. So far. More later!


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