April 02, 2001

Doodeedoo. I ate a brownie and some ice cream, and my stomach wasn't very happy.

Um...not much....going on. Still hate gym class. Nothing changes.

I'm a bit pissed because I've had this new Radiohead song that doesn't play until you get it authorized, or whatever, so I keep going to this site that supposed to let me play it and it never works. Sigh. What is the POINT, I don't know. I guess I should just wait until June. Sigh.

My glasses are started to fall down my nose again. I got this adjusted so they'd STAY on my face, but it didn't work I guess. Ugh. My face must be shaped funny. I like to think I have a mishapen head. Well I do.

For a few years I've never been able to download Shockwave. I don't know whyyyy it doesn't work, but it's NEVER worked. I think at some point I had Shockwave in Taiwan, but..uh..yeaah that was a while ago, it just doesn't want to work for me. That's mean. It says it's downloading, but nothing's happening...

I'm tired. I should go to bed. Yuuuup. Bed. ..........................sigh.

*DAMMIT it stopped downloading again! what is wrong with the stupid macromedia crap that never works*


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