April 25, 2001

AWWW I found the cutest Invader Zim site! And another Invader Zim site called I MIss U Cupcake which is REALLY FUNNY if you watch the show. AWW just thinking about it makes me go AW! Look at this:

That's GIR, Zim's robot, in his dog suit. Heehee! Isn't he cuuute!?

In the first picture in the back, that's GIR without his clever dog disguise. In the front in Zim. Cute, eh? In the second picture that's Zim in an old man disguise while riding on GIR...uh...heehee! Cute!

Oo oo look at the quote page, SO FUNNY I could LAUGH FOR HOURS! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HA..HAHAHA!

Okay, more cuteness:


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