March 01, 2001

Why does February have 28 days? Its weird...its already March..and yesterday it was the 28th. Okay, it's not really that weird. But it seemed weird! I got to flip the page on my calendar, so now I've got a new picture of penguins! TONS OF PENGUINS!

Some good news, I got first place in my school for the AMC (american math contest? I'm not sure what it stands for..). Actually, I think I tied with someone else. I didn't even answer that many questions, there were 25 and I think I did 16 of em. And it's just out of 9th and 10th I guess everyone else was just poopin or something. There was another AMC for 11th and 12th graders. I don't think I get anything for "winning" although that would be niiiice (MONEY MONEY GIMME MONEY!).

So the only stuff I can win or be recognized for is math related stuff, and I'm not even that good, I mean in math class a lot of times I have no idea what I'm doing. Like TODAY for instance. Why is that? Now people are gonna think I'm good at math when I'm not...really. Do you know what I mean? Yes?


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