March 03, 2001

Today was rather nice. I'm watching the news right now, they're talking about the storm that's coming. Supposedly, it'll come Sunday night and go through Tuesday morning, or longer. How neat is that? If they're right, there will definitely not be any school on Monday. Good thing that I went to the supermarket today, got me some food!

Other than that, haven't been doing much. I've been downloading all the Radiohead blips, they're pretty cool. Of course, I would think so...they're all good, you should download some. If you want to see what I suppose is Thom dancing, go here. It is very...very odd...I don't think it's dancing, more like a lot of flailing. This one is the prettiest I think...and this one is too. So if you don't want to download all of em, at least try those. :)


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