March 18, 2001

Today was Radiohead day. It was quite fun! Cristen came over and all we did was watch Radiohead, Bjork, and Beck stuff, although mainly it was RADIOHEAD! MWAHAHAHA! RADIOHEAD RULES THE EARTH! We did lots of "Aww!"-ing whenever Thom graced the telly screen, which was a lot. It was great. We also made fun of Thom, but not really badly or anything, he just did some very funny things. I mean, I THINK they were funny, like there was this poing where he said "Mrrhh?" Well, not exactly like's hard to put into words. It's REALLY FUNNY though. Trust me. And another part he tilts his head back and looks dead, it's HILARIOUS! And Thom doesn't do much funny stuff,!

Sigh...Thom! Thom is so adorable...GRAAHHH! How could you look at him at NOT get a sudden rush of happiness? Mraah?


Man I am really scaring myself right now. I should stop. Hmmmm? I'm screwed cos tomorrow I'm gonna have to do lots of Ah well.


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