March 27, 2001

Today was a poop day. I spent all day wanting to die and sleep. They're kind of the same thing..uh.."Take a nap...then die.." doen't work the other way around.

Anyway, everyone pisses me off for no real reason, so that makes me feel kinda bad. Sigh. What is constantly annoying me is my one friend who just doesn't pay attention to what the teacher is saying in class...I've definitely talked about her before. Today, the teacher was explaining an assignment to us about translating this bit of Macbeth into modern English, and right after she's done my friend goes "Robyn, what did she just say?" I mean..what the hell was she doing for the past 3 minutes? The assignment was on the BOARD she could have looked there first. Next year I hope she's not in any of my classes.

I thought I'd fall asleep during English. I couldn't focus my eyes..and I could only open one at a time, mainly. Quite pathetic, but Shakespear is the most boring subject ever, I'd rather talk about the life cycle of grass.

I wasn't feeling so nice and dandy after school had ended, after enduring another torturous chemistry class. It's not the subject matter I hate so much, but the guys that sit near me just get more annoying each day. Today, one guy was coughing for no reason and other people started coughing too, just to be annoying. And of course there was that "WHO WOULD YOU BONE?" questionnaire going around. I never get it, thank god. They know not to include me.

It was pretty cold today for it being almost the 30s I'd say. I waited outside for 10 minutes and my mum picked me up..and..blrrgh. She was telling me I should try and make friends and say hi to people, be friendly "like Jen!" and she doesn't realize I don't want to be friends with everyone. I don't need a casual friend, I'll just be disappointed. I mean, I don't want to become friends with someone and then have them not ...nevermind. I'm fine the way I am! You'd think it'd be much less of a hassle for her, to not have to drive me places or worry about where I am becuse I'm home most of the time, but apparently not.

I found out using a microphone and an MD player you can record some very high quality stuff. I don't know why I never did that before, I was always using a crappy tape recorder. It's very nifty, and MD player. My mum has one that records, mine doesnt, but her's is about twice as big it seems. I'd figure they're smaller now, I think we got them two years ago, and I haven't used it in a while. I found some old MDs I made and listened to them, it was the oddest feeling. I liked listening to the Wallflowers, it reminded me of Taiwan and of having fun and stuff in 7th grade. But it was just this feeling...I dunno how to describe it. I think the Wallflowers are very good actually, I didn't think they were that great before, but some of their older stuff that not many people listened to is good, the last album just wasn't that great though.

Of course, they can't compare to Radiohead, Beck or Bjork. Sigh. Oh well, they've still got sentimental value to me I suppose (first band I was obsessed with). Now it's RADIOHEAD time! Time for Thom...hehe, that could be a children's television show.

"Hey, kiddies, it's TIME..FOR..THOM!"

*kids clap and scream as Thom runs out onto the stage*...

"Hey kiddies! Today during cartoon time we'll watch the video for Paranoid Android, then during nap time we'll listen to No Surprises. After that, Blinky Bear will come out and join us in a Kid A-Sing-Along, and then I'll talk to you about my tortured existance and how you can have on too!"

*faint clapping*

Wow, that would be a bad idea...:)


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