March 11, 2001

There's only one way to listen to Radiohead. In the dead of winter; in your pajamas; drunk; lying on a bare, cold hardwood floor in the living room; with your eyes closed; as the world goes on around you and you can hardly move. Radiohead is you as you sink further into the surface, too defeated to breathe -- your mind and body grinding into inertia and confined to its tiny space, while a universe of airline stewardesses, insurance salesmen, television spokespeople, disembodied voices in supermarkets, kindergarten teachers, and service industry drones chatter and flutter and make their faces ache from smiling all day long..........RADIOHEAD FUCKING RULES.

I think that was quite beautiful, don't you? I think that would be a perfect way to listen to Radiohead. Well minus the being drunk part. I read that at Choke, a cool Radiohead website. Actually, it WAS a cool website, it's not really there anymore. The guy wrote that he felt guilty about not being able to update it that much. I get that same feeling with my Beck site, I think ever week that goes by without me updating it, I feel guilty, and feel like taking it down, but I haven't yet. So...nevermind.

This weekend went by really fast. How did that happen? Probably because I didn't do anything useful. I don't's not such a bad life. I should practice piano though. I haven't. Poop. I'm tired. I've still got homework. Crap.


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