March 25, 2001

Sunday's are sort of useless. Well right now I'm watching the Academy Awards...BJORK WILL BE ON...for three minutes. IT SHOULD BE 6! I can't believe it. It should be 6 minutes alongside Thom singing a beautiful duet, but it's not. I suppose it's nice that she's there at all. She's wearing a swan-dress type thing...I guess you have to see it. It's a bit odd, but nothing looks odd on Bjork I think. She could wear a GARBAGE BAG and it'd be like "A cool new Bjork fashion statement, MELIKES!"

Anyway...oo, Couching Tiger Hidden Dragon just won something! Cool.

I woke up at 3 PM today! That's pretty late, even in my opinion. I woke up, did laundry, watched TV (RADIOHEAD ON SNL!!!!!!) and...ate. I love that Radiohead performance, just wonderful! I just think it's so funny how Colin is just...standing there in the back, bopping around. HAHAHA! Colin. Thom had a vein or something above this left eyebrow that looked like it was going to explode..I got scared...but it didnt. :)

I want cake. I've got some bronice leftover. And some ice cream. Mmm. I think I will go get myself a treat. And I've got some major studying to do for


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