March 25, 2001


...THOOOM! GHAHRISH*&!!! &(GV!! SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE WITH THOM, ED, JON-NAAAY, COLIN, and PHIL! I've already seen the performance..but not on my least not conciously. I rememeber when the episode first aired back in October, I usually watch SNL every night but that night I went to a birthday part and had a sleepover so I didn't watch must of it. But this time I was RIGHT in front of the telly taking in every one of Thom's spastic movements. My god, I was laughing, I dunno it's just FUNNY man! Why is Thom so adorable? His pants looked comfy, that's what I remember. THOM PANTS! And Colin looked funny during Idioteque, he was just bopping around playing the keyboard, Colin's adorable. I mean they all are. I dunno what Johnny was doing...didn't look very comfortable. He was plugging stuff in..and unplugging them...(hey that reminds me of something Beck said in Space Ghost, something like "I like to plug things in...and I lik to unplug them...and then I go to sleep..."

So how much more can I bask in the glow of Radiohead? Today at Kinokuniya I got Cut magazine which is quite nice, and has got THOM on the cover. I'm sure the internet is swell, but I can't read it. My mum keeps sayin we shoudl learn Japanese...WELL WE SHOULD! And then we can go to Japan. I should move there, we like the same music. In Rockin On magazine there was a Reader's Poll and at the top of everything was "Thom E. Yorke" or Radiohead, which was funny because last year it was Beck who was at the top of everything. Oo well I love em both. I didn't buy the magazine though cos there weren't really any articles about them...err well. I'm cheap. Actually, the magazines are just expensive (I mean compared to US magazines, which is what I'm used to...Japanese magazines are of much higher quality, and there aren't as many ads...but even the ADS are of better quality it seems, like the Cut magazine was $9.75 and I got another mag called Switch which was $10.85. That magazine has Bjork on the cover and a 20-something page article! My god, no US mag would have a 20 page article dedicated to one person, would they? Unless the entire magazine was about that person. It's mainly pictures, but I wouldn't be able to read it anyway (not yet at least, gimme 10 years to brush up on my Japanese).

Anyway, Thom has got a band-aid on his forehead on the cover of Cut. I mentioned that before, but it's a different picture...he looks tired...he always does. He should take a nap. Then again, naps don't do much for me. I'm still a zombie...ZOM..BEEEEEEE...

I was watching some Beck stuff today. Old Beck videos, yay! Beck is really good. I I really believe that Beck is better than Radiohead, although it's hard to say. They're good for different things, I mean right now I'm more into Radiohead, but Beck is just amazing, man! All that stuff he did..uh..yeaaah? He's a cool dude.

I'm pretty tired. Gwaaar. You're still reading this?


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