March 06, 2001

"OK, people. Here's the deal: we'll stop fucking with Radiohead when they stop giving us reasons to. For a band that has positioned itself as anti-media, Thom's name sure seems to pop up in the press on a daily basis. Let's start things off by congratulating him and his girlfriend Esmerelda on being able to perform one of life's basic functions. Big f'n deal. The guy can procreate. He still can't seem to write a decent tune. Of course, we all know what happens after a rock star -- and Thom is indeed a Rock Star, with all the pure evil that suggests -- spits out a kid. He starts penning soppy crap about "Oh, isn't it great it is to be alive" and watching his googly-eyed baby take his first clubfooted steps (Maybe it's just us, but we can't stop picturing Thom Jr. as the irritating CGI Ally McBeal baby -- only with a googly eye). You know what else is disturbing about all this? This hideously ugly little man has sex. In a happily committed, long-lasting relationship, no less. So why the fuck is he always moaning?!?"

For more torturous Radiohead comments, go here.

Wasn't that sort of mean? What do they mean "He still can't seem to write a decent tune," I mean that's just a load of crap there! A big fwoopin bag of dookie! FWOOPIN I SAY! And couldn't they have at least let Noah (Thom Jr) alone? GOOGLY EYE? CLUBFOOTED STEPS? They're making him out to be some deformed..fetus..or sommat (I'm not totally sure what "sommat" means, but it keeps poppin up in my head, can anyone help me?), I dunno. What if Thom did write nicer, happier songs? Big whoop, it's not a crime. "Hideously ugly little man" is just a tad...I mean, a truckload of tads, too harsh. Thom isn't a midget-hunchback-deformed man!

The world is strange. You know what else is strange, that high school shooting in CA, by someone my age, although he was a freshman. Well he still know what I mean. But I wasn't really surprised. I was watching TV and it was "breaking news" and I was just like "Eh, another one...2 dead, is that all?" I know that sounds quite horrible, but I think that's honestly what I thought at first. Stuff like that is going to happen if there are guns lying around for kids to get their hands on and if people don't regard the consequences of their words. Like I don't say bad stuff about people (I mean, only's different, because technically I'm not talking to anyone. I'll justify my means later) to other people. I don't talk about people behind their backs. Maybe I'll just nod when other people say things like "She's such a whore!" but generally I like to stay low-key and not talk or exert myself in any way.

This blog is here so I can say stuff about people and really, no one cares, because hardly anyone I know in real life reads this anyway. Maybe 1 or 2 people. When I say real life I mean people I go to school with. When I beat down people I don't always refer to specific people anyway. I have to let out my anger somewhere, because I can't prevent people from acting stupid, and if I don't my brain will explode. It wouldn't be a very big explosion, but still, I'd be dead.

So if you're gonna bring a gun to school, kill more than 2 people. Make it worthy of the description "massacre". Haha, I'm just kidding. I know this wouldn't be funny at all if I had been shot, or if this happened at my school. Something like this should happen in my school, it would really affect people and then maybe they would think about their actions more closely.


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