March 05, 2001


I'm still up..its 3 AM...I'm downloading Radiohead stuff, and I CAN'T STOP! I downloaded the SNL performances, and THEY ARE SO ...WHOAAAA...I was just like..AHHH..MAAN..AHHHH THOM'S GONNA HURT HIMSELF! But it's like..whoa.

I am at lost for words. Thom is just crazy, man (in a good way) and he's flailing his arms a lot and bopping around and doing his thing, maaaaan!

Download your own crazy Radiohead stuff. Scroll to the bottom for the SNL stuff.

I don't have much else to say, I guess. I'm gettin tired though. Sigh. I was watching an informercial, it was really funny. It was for this thing called the slices and dices and chops and mushes and mixes. Don't YOU want one?


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