March 15, 2001

My guitar amp has cobwebs on it...yikes, how long has it been?! So I'm gonna use it for the first time in ages. I like my acoustic guitar more than my electric guitar. was going to say something but I totally forgot. I found out the name of the guy who may or may not look like Thom, and he's not in last year's yearbook or the year before that. Crap!

All the realplayer stuff should work, if it doesnt then you're computer is screwy, not mine!

I had fun for a while at music lessons before they started, Anthony got a new laptop and he hadn't even plugged it in yet! So I did it for him, hahaha...I know that much about computers. And that was about all I did. Hm. Fun.

I was extremely tired today. I dunno why. I slept through the first 3 periods of school pretty much. Exciting, isn't it? Yes? No? No. And after school I had to go to some oral surgery place to get my wisdom teeth looked at. I'll be gettin em removed in the summer. Fun! My gums will be cut open and my four wisdom teeth will be taken out.

Crap I have to take a shower. I didn't take one last night. I figured, hey why should I? And I didn't have an answer.

I'm tired. Gr.


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