March 26, 2001

Meanwhile, Björk gets tonight's PETA award for Most Unflinching Use of a Dead Animal, as her dress features a faux swan with its neck wrapped around her. But on the music side, she stirs the crowd with a passionate rendition of the sad march (and unfortunately, she's doing it without the help of Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke, whose duet work was cut for 'bout next year we just cut the space-station intro?)

"I was going to wear my swan," Martin quips, "But to me it was so...last year. I'm glad to see Björk is working again, after her disastrous Supreme Court trial."

I could have definitely gone without the space-station intro, or that montage of clips from previous shows before that...I mean, ALL I REALLY WANTED WAS THOM! THOOOM! DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND! Oh well, can't expect anything next year. Sigh.

I didn't understand Steve Martin's joke at first, but then I remember the movie..uh..well if you know what happens, you know what happens, and it's not really that funny..but...heh. :)


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