March 13, 2001

"Is that Jon's ex?"
"She's ugly..."

Just a bit of the intellectual conversation that happens during lunch. Hah. It could be worse I guess. Why does it matter if someone is attractive or not? I never talk about people like that. I thought the girl was nice, once I was at McDonalds and I was buying food for three people and I couldn't carry all, so she helped me. :P

Anyway...lunch has turned into "Robyn's Quiet Time" which consists of listening to Radiohead. Today I had Paranoid Android in my head, because I was thinking about how weird it would be to paly that in band. We're playing Bohemian Rhapsody, which I've never really heard until I downloaded it today on Napster. Apparently I'm the only person in the band who must not know it, cos everyone else knows the words and stuff! Gah. It's a neat song though. Reminds me of Paranoid Android cos of all the...changes and stuff. Of course, I like Paranoid Android better. :)

There are no Radiohead fans in my school. I'm very disappointed. No Radiohead fans, no Beck fans, what the hell is wrong with everyone?! I'm sad! WAH! I'm sad, and unhappy. I wore my light blue bear shirt to school and no one came up to me and said "HEY THAT'S RADIOHEAD OO I LOVE EM" or anything remotely like that. I mean, that's what I would do! Sigh.

Dumdeedumdeedum I dislike band. I had practice for two periods, the people in band are just so annoying! They never shut up, and don't pay attention. But a lot of them are really good, but they're not focused enough to be...REALLY...really good. Grr, Idunno. I'm not that good, I dont play a lot of the time or just make up something, and I sit at the end! Crap. I shouldnt, but the teacher put me there. Poop.

Dumdeedumdeedumdeedum. Why do I keep sayin that? Gar.


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