March 10, 2001

I'm pretty sad now, since I just realized that there's very little chance I'm winning this auction for some Radiohead stuff...I mainly want "7 Television Commercials" but there's also an interview video and a bunch of magazine clippings too. It's the dream auction for the Radiohead fan that has nothing! Well...yeah, something like that. And I'm a Radiohead fan that's got (nearly) nothing. The auction ends at around 11:30 AM on Monday, and I'll be in school so I won't be able to track it and make sure I win. As of now, the reserve still hasn't been met and it's at $25. I must've bid the most...graah! I think that it's worth at least $50, and I really don't want to go over $50, cos I don't know if I even HAVE $50!

Wah. This is a pretty trivial matter I suppose, especially since you probably don't even like Radiohead, but it's important to me, cos that video I really want is out of print. If I just had $100 lying around I'd bid THAT much, but I don't. I have a feeling the dude who's winning right now bid a lot, so whenever someone else tries (i.e., me) they'll always be outbid. So even if I don't win, that other dude should pay a lot, just cos...he's annoying the heck outta me!

I should probably get a job...or a life or something. Sigh.


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