March 11, 2001

I'm getting sort of tired. I guess that's normal since it's 11:30 PM...I feel like I'm forgetting something though. I have to make sure I memorized my French thingo about Avignon. I'll type what I remember here..

Avignon est situee dans le midi de la France en provence. elle a un population d'environ quatre-vingt cinq mille sept cent d'habitants. il y fait frais en hiver, chaud en ete, et il pleut plevoir soudainement. il y a beaucoup d'histoire de la ville, mais principalement elle est celebre parce que sept papes ont habille a avginon a mille trois cent sept de mille trois soixante sept au palais de papes. il y a beacoup d'activites a avginon. on peut visiter un de beaucoup de musee d'art, par example le musee louis voulard ou le musee lapidaire. le palais de papes est le site touristiqe principalment. d'autres sites touristiques sont le musee petit palais, le pont st benezet, et le pont d'avignon. les sports populaires est le tennis, la natation, et le golf. il y a beaucoup de cafes; les specialites de nourriture son les papalines et le daube avignonaise. aussi, il y a beaucoup de theatres et de cinemas. le festival d'avignon est un festival important pendant juillet, et pendant le festival il y a la musique, le theatre, le danser, et d'autre activites. tous les ans, beaucoup de personnes visite a avignon pour le festival. avignon et un de huit villes en europe qui est Ville de culture deux mille.

i dunno if that was all correct. i mean i nkow I spelled stuff wrong, but just grammer..stuff...right words...oh well. we'll see. it's pretty basic french, which is sad considering I've been taking it for about 5 years. i'm only in french three though, i dont see the point of taking three years during middle school if I only enter level two in 9th grade. it took me three years to get through level 1? sigh. i guess my pronounciation has gotten better. SOMETHING must have progressed.

I'm listening to some clips of an interview with Thom. He sounds sort of annoyed...or maybe not annoyed, but he sounds like something. He sounds sort of dead. Like a robot or something. It's a little scary. Or maybe I'm going crazy. He swears a lot too...I mean I knew that already, but..gah. It seems to be a British thing, not that mericans don't swear a lot too, but it seems like British people use the word "fucking" a lot to describe things...I mean, EVERYTHING, although not always in a bad way...I guess...but it's hardly necessary. I guess the difference is that Americans just like to say the f-word a lot, by itself, when they're frustrated or...whatever...I really couldn't say because I don't swear, but then when I hear British people, they use it as an adjective or...something....nevermind.

I haven't really got anything else to say I guess. There won't be any more snowstorms this year, that's for sure. Well I got three snow days in all this year I think, which is good enough. Any more snow days and the school might take away spring vacation days.

There's something else I could mention, not really important, but my bro's friends got into a car accident, three were badly injured, and one died. I thought it was freaky because I had seen the girl that died in the summer when my bro first started college, she seemed very happy, peppy, and...nice I guess. I had also seen my bro'd roommate, who was in the accident too, although I think he's out of the hospital already. Something I thought was weird was that my dad heard about this in Taiwan because some of the students were from Taiwan...I mean, it's not really big news, people get into car accidents all the time, but the news already made itself known over there. My dad didn't know that all the people in the car were my bro's friends though.


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